Below are the treatments available with Jacqueline Molony (nee Cook) and her trained therapists.

All treatments are available for people and animals, large and small.

Treatments at Roseheart Kingdom and home visits
(one to one)

i-atsu(TM) (shiatsu) for people
(TM) (shiatsu) for horses
(TM) (shiatsu) for dogs

Reiki for people
Reiki for animals (horses, dogs, cats etc)

Distant treatments/afar: (all treatments for people and animals)

Reiki Distant Healing
People & Animal Communication
Distant Aromatherapy
Distant Kinesiology

Free Open House treatments at Roseheart Kingdom
By clicking on the links above you will find a brief description of what is involved within each treatment to include the time taken and the applicable costs. To find out more about each therapy and how they work please click on the individual treatments above.

The main outlet for treatments is at Roseheart Kingdom, distant treatments and home visits are available please call 01547 530871 or email shiatsu-for-people-horses-dogs@hotmail.com for availability.

Distant treatments and consultations will require a consent form being completed and returned prior to a follow up telephone call that you will receive from Roseheart Kingdom to arrange your treatment.

Please note: If Jacqueline is unavailable for any of the above treatments you will be referred to the trained therapist nearest to you. Please note that any therapists recommended by Jacqueline will have been trained by Jacqueline herself and will work to a very high standard.

Jacqueline and her team look forward to working with you soon and ‘thank you’ in advance for choosing complementary therapy to help you and your pets.

All pictures required for certain consultations will be returned with their report.

Any cancellation of treatments received less than 48 hours before the day of the appointment will be charged to you at the full rate.

Press Release/Notice regarding the three treatment rule:
Jacqueline is urgently advising owners that when they ask a Shiatsu Therapy Practitioner to work on their animals, it is important that they expect the initial problem they were concerned with to be alleviated within three sessions/treaments. If a practitioner is recommending that they have more sessions/treatments to treat the problem, the owner must question this, and also why their pet is not making the changes they should rightfully expect within these guidelines.
More information is available here (pdf file) .

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