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This page has been put together to let you know that there is a huge holistic retail outlet at Roseheart Kingdom. There are over 70 different books to browse through and choose for People, Horses & Dogs from Holistic Therapies to Anatomy & Physiology and many spiritual topics for all.

You will also find Aromatherapy blends for People, Horses & Dogs and over 60 crystals to catch your eye in the crystal cabinets.

Should you choose to buy from the Roseheart Kingdom outlet, we thank you very much as by doing so you are helping to keep alive the original school that brought the amazing Shiatsu Therapy for Horses to the shores of the UK in 1996 where it was then developed onto dogs in 1998.

Please do remember that postage costs are expensive. A visit is a much better idea, not only to collect any items you may have purchased but also to view the stunning Shropshire scenery which Roseheart Kingdom is set in.

All classes are accompanied by a journal but there are books recommended to support your studies which are available for purchase from Roseheart Kingdom for the reason given above.

Shiatsu for Animals Lineage

Shizuto Masunaga
Zen Shiatsu was established by Shizuto Masunaga, later pioneer of meridian extensions; today taught in every school and in every language around the world of human shiatsu, known as ‘Masunaga Extensions’

Wataru Ohashi
Student & Teacher of Shizuto Masunaga, pioneer of Ohashiatsu
‘A touch of peace’ emphasis on ‘being not doing’

Pamela Hannay
Student & Teacher of Wataru Ohashi, pioneer of Equine shiatsu

Jacqueline Cook Molony
Student & Teacher of Pamela Hannay & Ohashiatsu Graduate of
Wataru Ohashi; pioneer of Dog shiatsu in 1998

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To whom it may concern

As the world’s leading publishers on horses, we began negotiations for a book on the subject of shiatsu therapy for horses with Pamela Hannay, the acknowledged expert practitioner from USA, in the late 80’s.  At that time, as far as we were able to establish, there was no practitioner working on horses in the UK and Pamela was the world’s leading authority on the subject.

We have since produced four books with Pamela Hannay and we were very pleased when she began to teach students in UK, basing her training sessions at Jacqueline Cook’s establishment, and encouraging Jacqueline to train, teach and carry on her unique work at the school.  After Pamela’s death in 2001 Jacqueline has continued to train students in shiatsu therapy and, over the years, has become the leading UK retailer of our books on the subject.

Caroline Burt
Publisher.  J A Allen.

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