i-atsu for people

Case Study 1

Client Name: Mr B K

Age: 42

Marital Status:
Married, with 3 children

Occupation: Fencing Contractor, previous job sheep farmer for 20 years.

Hours of work: 7am – 10pm. Shorter in the winter months when the weather becomes too dangerous to work.

General daily Activities: On his feet most of the day erecting fencing and hedge laying. In the winter there is a lot more sitting down when in the tractor hedge cutting or bringing in the silage or making hay in the summer months.

Reason for treatment: To help with knee problems.

Medication: Pain Killers for when the pain is really bad.

Previous Bodywork: None

Exercise: None as Brian feels he has plenty within the work he does.

History: Accident with right fore arm where a piece of metal went into it leaving a hole. It healed up nicely at the time with some minor first aid treatment. Approx 10 years ago Brian collapsed after lifting a bread bin lid! Brian was taken to the doctor who gave him a muscle relaxant to get him on his feet again. Left knee has a scar on it where he was kicked by another child at school.

Joint Problems: Both knees hurt keeping Brian awake at night and when out working he has trouble straightening them to get up when he is bent down. He has a left ankle problem with a serious amount of high level of pain which also keeps him awake at night. Through repetitive hammering when fencing Brian found over a period of time it is very difficult for him to lift his right arm high and there are some days where he found it impossible to lift it at all.

Other aches and pains / problems: Lower back and neck pain. Brian’s energy in general is very poor and can particularly notice it by mid afternoon where he could just go to sleep and on some occasions he has had to go home. Brian has extreme tiredness through having interrupted sleep at night when being awoken by the pain then unable to get to sleep again due to being unable to find a comfortable position. At night he can not bear being touch as it causes him too much pain. 

After the 1st Treatment: The pain in Brian’s neck and back had gone, his knees were less than half the pain and he could now get up better after bending down. Brian’s energy is a lot better where he is able to work full days with more range of movement through his right arm. Brian is now sleeping right through the night with very few interruptions from pain.
After the 2nd Treatment, two weeks after having the first treatment: The above maintained together with all pain from both knees gone and now has full use of his right arm again. Brian is still sleeping well at night with no pain at all during the night.

Client Feedback: "Amazing, a bloody miracle!! I came for my knees and got everything else sorted out too.  I don’t quite know how it works but it most certainly does. I would highly recommend it to anyone else. I despise taking tablets so I am very pleased I do not need to any more."  

Case Study 2

Client Name: Mrs J P

Age: 46

Marital Status: Married for 25 years, 2 children

Occupation: Cook / Waitress

Hours of work: Part timework with hours that varies from week to week.  

General daily Activities: On her feet most of the day serving customers and cooking meals to include home baking. Job involves a lot of lifting when delivery arrives and in the wash room.

Reason for treatment: To relieve the pain in her back.

Medication: Pain Killers for when the pain is really bad.

Previous Bodywork: Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Bowen.

Exercise: Walks the family Collie dog when the pain is not too bad. Jeanette would like to be able to do the exercises she has been given at the gym more. At the moment Jeanette is very limited to what she can do and does a little tread mill and a bit of cross trainer 3 x weekly.

History: Jeanette has had a MRI scan which revealed a prolapsed disc in her lower back. Doctor prescribed pain killers from the results.

Joint Problems: Serious pain in the mid shoulder region, back and neck. Jeanette has been in a lot of pain now for the last 5 years with only relief from other treatments. Some days Jeanette can cope ok but then other days the pain is that bad she cannot go to work and feels ‘that is enough’. She finds it difficult to go out as the pain can take over her life with whatever she does and feels very sad at this as she cannot even go out to watch her son play football together with her husband like they used to. Emotionally it has been a lot for Jeanette causing her great sadness and depression.   

Other aches and pains / problems: Can get a bloated stomach a lot. Jeanette can also get panic attacks with palpitations when in public places

After the 1st Treatment: Jeanette’s pain from her back and neck has gone. She has just a small amount of pain between the shoulder blades. She has been off the pain killers now for a week

After the 2nd Treatment, two weeks after having the first treatment: The small amount of pain in the shoulders is still there together with a small amount of neck pain. But to be fair Jeanette had over done it since her first treatment as she felt so much better but now recognises the benefit in following the recommendations given to her which she did not do.

After the 3rd Treatment, three weeks after having the first treatment: The small amount of pain in the shoulders and neck is gone. There is no pain what so ever in any other areas of her body. Jeanette no longer gets the panic attacks, there are times where she may get a small flutter but she can now cope with them and the more she does the more they are becoming less and less.

Client Feedback: " I can’t believe it, as I have tried so many different things. I have no pain and I can now go out. I enjoy going with my husband to watch our son play football again. I am also now riding my bike again which is great. The most amazing thing is I can now go out to the supermarket or out to public places without getting any panic attacks only the odd flutter. I am now interested in learning to do i-atsu for to help myself further and for my own family."     

Jacqueline Cook Molony © 2011