History of Shiatsu for horses and dogs

In 1983 Pamela Hannay pioneered Equine Shiatsu. Pamela was an Ohashiatsu teacher of the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York, USA, with over 25 years experience in Shiatsu. She was trained by Wataru Ohashi and she began teaching Ohashiatsu for people in 1975.

Her first book ever written about shiatsu therapy for horses was “Touching Horses”, as a co-author with Marion Kasselle and was first published in 1995 by J.A Allen of London.

In 1998 Pamela went on to write two small photographic hand guides on shiatsu therapy, one for horses “Shiatsu with Horses” and the other for dogs “Shiatsu with Dogs” together with producing an audio tape “Shiatsu Exercises for Horse & Rider, Three Part Harmony” again by J.A Allen.   

In 2001 Pamela completed the last book she would ever write prior to her sudden death in December 2001 “Shiatsu Therapy for Horses” which was published in 2002 also by J.A Allen in the United Kingdom.

Pamela Hannay with Jacqueline Cook (Molony) in 2001 only several months before her death.

Pamela began teaching her Equine Shiatsu work in America in 1994 and in the UK in 1996. It was in 1996 that Jacqueline Cook introduced Pamela Hannay and Shiatsu Therapy for Horses to the UK from the USA.

Over the next five years Jacqueline organised, practiced, taught and co- taught Shiatsu Therapy for Horses with Pamela Hannay.

In 2008 Jacqueline Cook remarried to become Jacqueline Molony and still is to date the only Qualified Teacher of the Pamela Hannay method of Equine Shiatsu. 

In 1998 through Jacqueline’s desire to work with and help dogs she pioneered Shiatsu Therapy for Dogs which she then developed into the full curriculum you have today.

Jacqueline pioneered and actually put together the course structure for dogs to include the Anatomy & Physiology modules. She recognised that the dog world has to date been lacking detailed information regarding dog Anatomy & Physiology. This was done in conjunction with the photographic guide coming out in 1998 shortly after Jacqueline qualified as a teacher in Equine Shiatsu with Pamela Hannay.

Both the Horse and Dog shiatsu courses were developed to meet both veterinary standards and the European regulations.

Jacqueline Molony is the only Qualified Teacher of Pamela Hannay’s teachings, it is therefore a miracle that Jacqueline was trained as her only teacher and has continued to devote her time to continue the development of this amazing work to this very day for people, horses and dogs, that you can only uniquely find through Jacqueline. Their teachings have been based upon the advanced intuitive principles taught at the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York, where both Pamela and Jacqueline trained and qualified in human Ohashiatsu.

The UK is the only country in the whole world that has seen such a growth of Shiatsu Therapy for Horses & Dogs. This fact alone is down to Jacqueline who not only has gained international recognition for her incredible results with the use of Shiatsu Therapy but still continues to spread the word through talks, lectures, seminars & demonstrations.

Her recognised results have gained her many public appearances to include appearing on  BBC ‘Heaven & Earth’ with Jennie Bond’ the star of ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here’ and BBC’s former Royal Correspondent, also on ITV Good Morning working with Vet ‘Scott Miller’ and on BBC 2 ‘Pets are People’ to name a few.

Jacqueline Cook Molony © 2003