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Reiki: Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most often asked questions about the Reiki courses.

What happens once I have booked a course?
Upon receiving your full payment for the respective course you have booked for yourself, you will be sent your receipted invoice, directions to the Therapy Centre where your course takes place together with the course structure and a list of accommodation in and around the local area.

Do I have to be experienced in Reiki to join the course?
No. The course is aimed at both ‘beginners’ and ‘experienced’ alike. The only requirements for the animal courses are that the student is comfortable, safe and familiar with horses/dogs, and is confident to work in the stable (for horses).

I am 15 years old and would like to do a course on my own, am I able to do so?
No, I am afraid you must be 16 years old and over to attend a course on your own for people & animals. However you are eligible to attend a course with a family member or a close family friend who is also taking the same course.

Do you do work experienced or work placements at Roseheart Kingdom?
Yes we do, please phone the office on: 01547 530871 to reserve your place and dates and to obtain your application form.

I only want to learn enough to be able to treat my own family and friends. Do I need to do the whole curriculum to practitioner level to be able to do this?
No, in order to treat your family and friends all that you are required to do is the Reiki First Degree for People & Animals.

How many Levels are there?
There are three Levels or ‘Degrees’ in the Reiki curriculum for People & Animals. Each Degree is a progression in knowledge and capability.

I only want to work with animals, is it necessary to do the people course?
Yes it is, on this course you will learn to get a feel for energy movement. You will learn how to use your hands before going onto the animals. This is an important part of the learning without this preparation it can be extremely dangerous to approach or even try to apply Reiki to an animal without knowing what you are actually truly doing.

I am already experienced and attuned to Reiki. Do I have to do the Reiki First Degree for people as I actually want to do the animal side only?
Yes. There are many different styles of Reiki today, and Jacqueline teaches one method. This also helps to bring the group together, and is an important part of the course in preparation for the animal work.

How soon can I take the next Degree?
Students are able to take the next Degree once their ‘After course intergration requirements’ have been met (Please visit the ‘Reiki Courses’ page for a breakdown of requirements).

As a student and after I have qualified as a Reiki practitioner do I need to become a member of the Reiki Federation or any Healing Association?
The answer to this is no, not necessarily as it is entirely optional to join. It would depend upon whether or not the individual concerned would wish to receive the related literature associated with membership. Like all society/association memberships they can include insurance cover but you are able to source public liability insurance via independent insurance companies that specialize in complementary therapy without the need of any federation, society or association membership. To sum up it is entirely down to each individual concerned.

Can I bring my own animal on a course?
Bringing your own is optional; some students have found it beneficial to work on an animal with which they are familiar with. A good variety of horses, dogs & cats will be available for the courses, and a student will not be expected (or allowed!) to work on their own animal exclusively!

I would like to be a practitioner and do Reiki as a career, how soon can I do this?
You can do this as soon as you reach practitioner level, on completing your Reiki Second Degree and the extra modules between Reiki First and Reiki Second Degree.

Can I book in a Reiki treatment while I am on the course?
Yes! Individual treatments from Jacqueline (horse, dog and human!) will also be available, time permitting. The cost of a horse session is £45; people £45 and a session for your dog is £45. You may wish to take up some of the many offers Jacqueline offers throughout the year. Again, please ring the office in advance for availability.

After the course I would like to have a treatment from Jacqueline, how do I go about booking this?
To book a Reiki treatment with Jacqueline away from a course you are required to ring the office number: 01547 530871 where a treatment can be booked in for you.

I would like to help animals and possibly people and become a practitioner; can I get help with funding?
Yes! There is more and more funding available for students, adult education, education grants and the unemployed seeking to get back into work. Each county in the UK has offers that can vary according to what the local council/education department can afford. We recommend that you do some research in your local area as this is always time well spent.

Once I have done a course, will you keep me informed about further Reiki course Degrees and other courses?
Students are provided with additional curriculum information relating to further Degrees (levels) whilst attending the free of charge ‘Refresher Afternoons’ currently held twice a year at Roseheart Kingdom, ‘Therapy Centre for People & Animals’. Further details of forthcoming course dates can also be obtained by visiting the website which lists all courses for the next 2–3 years.

Is there a regulatory body in the UK that students can refer to in order to confirm whether or not the members/committee of an association are qualified to practice or teach?
At present there is no regulatory body set up to govern or assess the members or committee members of an association. To truly answer this question anyone can set up an association whether they are qualified or not, it is up to each individual to do their homework before joining any association they wish to become a member of. To assist the individual further “an association is defined as a group of like minded people that express an interest in a particular topic or subject relating to that topic and do not need any professional qualifications to represent the aforementioned association”.

I have done some studying with another teacher in Reiki, but I would actually like to come on these courses and study with Jacqueline, can I do this?
These courses are available for everybody and Jacqueline most certainly encourages people like yourself.

How can I pay?
You may pay by either cheque, postal order or internet bill payment. Credit card payments will soon be accepted through PayPal on the web site.

I have taken my First & Second Degree in Reiki some years ago now with Jacqueline before the amazing theory was expanded and developed into the wonderful modules you have now. Can I do these or do I need to start all over again?
You may take the theory classes as you wish, but you should also consider a Reiki tutorial with Jacqueline to get you back on track and working up to the required standard.

Are there any discounts available for treatments and courses?
There are discounts on block bookings for treatments and the courses. Please telephone the office for up to date information and current offers.

I am a qualified animal behaviourist who has spent 3 years studying animals, which included animal anatomy & physiology. Will I still need to take the Anatomy & Physiology class?
The Anatomy & Physiology class is taught which includes the Anatomy & Physiology to include the relationship of the Japanese theory behind the practice of Reiki and although half the information you will be familiar with the other half you will not. Students who fall under this group are still required to take the class but they will qualify for a 50% discount upon production of documentary evidence relating to their animal qualification.

If you have any other queries regarding the courses, or any questions about Reiki for People & Animals and how it can help you and your pet please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01547 530871, and thank you for your interest in Reiki for People & Animals.

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