Jacqueline Molony: Reiki Master

Jacqueline Molony’s journey of Reiki began in 1999 when she realized her past experiences were affecting the way she felt in the here and now preventing her from reaching her true potential but more importantly her fears were stopping her from reaching her dreams. 

Away from the limelight Jacqueline Molony’s story of how her life has led her to become one of the most amazing healing women of today is quite remarkable. Throughout parts of her life she has had to deal with physical and mental abuse, great depression, disappointment, a loss of a dear brother through suicide, shyness, insecurity, lack of confidence, anxiety and nervousness to name a few.

Jacqueline re-discovered and strengthened her spiritual path through Reiki, acknowledging the conflict and struggle between mankind and the animal kingdom, she was given the name ‘Roseheart’ by spirit and began her journey to connect and shows us how to regain our birth right by gently guiding us to release our past experiences, to make the shifts from living in the dark to finding our true light, our true selves. Her gentle but profound ways of working allows us to rekindle and discover the magic of who we are and what we are capable of creating for ourselves, taking responsibility to create a lifestyle within an unconditional loving space.

Reiki is a must for those with a great desire to alleviate many years of frustration and suffering. Discover why our lives human and animal are dominated by so much emotional and physical pain. Jacqueline teaches and practices Reiki to turn negative energy/experiences into positive transitions/changes. More and more people are discovering how Reiki can heal and make those ever-lasting changes and how it can help to forge a stronger bond between our animals and us.

"Jacqueline, you are a true mentor, tutor, Reiki Master and friend, your support has been unconditional."
Helen, Lancastershire


Jacqueline Molony - Experienced & Supportive Teacher.