Distant Healing

Today we live in a world that is constantly moving and for many of us it is often very hard to find the time to travel to a good Reiki Practitioner to receive the healing we often so desperately need.

Distant healing offers a wonderful way of being able to receive a treatment and guidance in the comfort of our own home.

‘Distant healing’ implies what it says, distant as in ‘afar’ and healing as to ‘help someone to restore to a state of good health’; healing someone from far away.

How does it work?

Distant healing works very similar to how a radio works – through using a frequency wave or vibration. Unlike the telephone where there are wires required.

 The practitioner will connect with the ‘soul’ of another being through the use of a photograph for the intention of healing. Soul to soul connection allows the frequency to be open for ‘communication’ and ‘healing’. This cannot take place without the consent from the person – their permission

What happens during a treatment?

A treatment is received with the client lying down and being very still with some soft music in the background to encourage relaxation. During a treatment you will feel sensations from further relaxation, calmness, warmth, tingling, small jerks and often emotions of relief as the treatment releases what the body does not require.

During the treatment the practitioner will be able to ‘pick up’ exactly what seems to be at the base of a particular problem or health condition of that person and will be given ‘insights’ on how to assist the problem or condition. It is from here that the healing can then take place.

The practitioner will then work through the chakra’s where needed (just as they would on a one to one basis) via the use of the photograph for assistance using the universal life force energy helping to re-balance the person spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

During the treatment what is not needed will be taken away naturally i.e., pain and discomfort to include negative feelings that often are associated with our fears and phobias causing many illnesses.

Distant healing is available for both People & Animals with Jacqueline Molony and should you have any questions or queries regarding this breath taking work please do not hesitate to call Jacqueline on 01547 530871 who will be more than happy to assist you. Please click here to book a treatment.

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