Costs for Horses

 £220 per week

To include stable, grass turn out or keep, food, bedding and holistic treatments each day.  Horses can have individual paddock turnout or they may run as part of the herd. Post and rail corral area is available for cases with restricted movement.

Rest assured that you will find and be given peace of mind with the first class care and attention that Jacqueline and her staff provide at Roseheart Kingdom ensuring rest and recuperation for all patients enhancing their full recovery.

It is important to remember that these therapies are 'complementary' and should work with and not against conventional veterinary treatment. A vet should always be consulted in conjunction with any complementary therapy. It is a courteous contact / call which also helps us at Roseheart Kingdom to establish a good working relationship with your vet.

Horse rehabilitation case study: Dan

Dan at his livery yard before going to Roseheart Kingdom

Height: 17.1hh                                                                                  
Cleveland Bay X                                                                          
Sex: Male, gelding  
Age: 13                                                                                                                 


Dan had been on and off lame for several years before he finally seized up to the point he could hardly walk. Over the years he had been given a variety of different medication & treatments by his vet, it would give him great relief to his problem but would not alleviate the problem completely for him and in the end the medication became a great problem for him.
During Dan’s stay the following was discovered and worked on using complementary therapy:

Inflammation of the lymphatic system, synovial membranes to include any bony/arthritic changes, especially in his legs with involvement and tension in all parts. He had muscular cellular tissue weakness causing swellings affecting all tissues & mucus membranes with synovial swellings of the joints where they were aggravated by heat and movement. He had sacral (lower back) weakness and tenderness over the loins. Emotionally he had worrying thoughts, niggling fears, insecurity, lack of confidence, timidness and being reserved with tension in the body caused by anxiety

Dan just about to go home after 2 weeks of Rehabilitation
at Roseheart Kingdom

Owner comment:

"I am a tax inspector and over the years I have
experienced so much that nothing can phase me now –
but this did, a MIRACLE. He had been suffering for so long, even I was not too sure if complementary therapy could help, thank you Jacqueline. He is sound, confident, lively two
year old again; we are in debt to you.
Mrs  X, Worcestershire.

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