Costs for Dogs

£180 per week.

To include feed, exercise and holistic treatments each day. House pet dogs are kept inside and if possible will live in as part of the family whilst at Roseheart Kingdom for rehabilitation. Kennel accommodation with runs is available for outside living/working dogs.  

Rest assured that you will find and be given peace of mind with the first class care and attention that Jacqueline and her staff provide at Roseheart Kingdom ensuring rest and recuperation for all patients enhancing their full recovery.

It is important to remember that these therapies are 'complementary' and should work with and not against conventional veterinary treatment. A vet should always be consulted in conjunction with any complementary therapy. It is a courteous contact / call which also helps us at Roseheart Kingdom to establish a good working relationship with your vet.

Dog rehabilitation case study: Crystal


Crystal had a tumour of the vulva growing steadily for the past 2 years with a variety of veterinary treatment to include steroid injections into the tumour to try to put the tumour into remission. Remarkably the tumour did not affect Crystal’s urinating however it did cause such a problem when out and about with people verbally commenting thus creating a great deal of stress for Crystal and her owners.

Crystal on her arrival at Roseheart Kingdom,
even her owners felt they had to warn Jacqueline
to the severity of the problem.

During Crystal’s stay the following was discovered and worked on using complementary therapy

Inflammation of the pelvic and vulva region to include back pain and in particular in the lower back. Cellular degeneration condition creating a weak immune system and hormone imbalance together with muscle weakness and trembling of the hind legs. Emotionally she was insecure, shy, she had an inability to cope with new experiences and places to include meeting other new dogs. At times she could become very unsociable and ‘nippy’ creating a great anxiety for her.  Snapping out with no cause or reason, even at other dogs she knew and lived with; this caused a great problem with her owners as in the end she had to sleep at night on her own.

Crystal after just 3 days at Roseheart Kingdom, here you can see the tumour has almost reduced by half and the redness (inflammation) has almost gone.  Two weeks later it had almost disappeared.

Owner comment

Incredible, just incredible it is as good as gone now.
Crystal has gained her confidence back again and
looking a lot more confident in herself, she now runs around like a puppy again with all the other dogs. We have other
dogs and horses and she would just go into a corner or
sit in the car now she comes with us and the nippy
behaviour has gone completely.

Mr J Johnston, Shropshire

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