Rehabilitation for Horses & Dogs at Roseheart Kingdom

Quite often rehabilitation can be an easier and more cost effective option for most owners for restoring their horse or dog’s health. Most problems and conditions generally only need a couple of weeks of rehabilitation to alleviate the problem or condition.

At Roseheart Kingdom all rehabilitation patients are worked on every day with a variety of treatments. Treatments are chosen in reflection to the patient’s needs and suitability.


Each therapy works at a different vibration level as each problem manifests at a different vibration (level) in the body and so with this in mind it is a case of finding the right therapy for that problem.

This is the reason it can often mean trying several different therapies before you can get the result you are looking for. You know you have found the right one when the problem is alleviated quickly (within 3 treatments).   

All rehabilitation cases are assessed prior to arrival by Jacqueline to determine whether or not intensive treatments will actually work for them.

When animals come to Roseheart Kingdom owners are encouraged to come along and be involved as much as possible, and for those owners interested Jacqueline will teach them the basics of what she is doing too. 

All rehabilitation patients go home with a full written report on their stay to keep together with guidelines to maintaining their animal’s health in the future; upon request a copy can be produced to give to your vet for their reference.  

For costs and case studies on rehabilitation, click on the links below:

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To discuss whether Rehabilitation at Roseheart Kingdom can help your horse or dog please call Jacqueline on: 01547 530871

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