People & Animal Communication course

Wake up the line of communication within you!

Discover the correct frequency to communicate with people & animals.

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This course will teach you how to calm the mind, relax and release all tension and above all release any anxiety that often stops us from communicating through our hearts. Students will learn to have the ability to say what they want without fear and more so to be able to listen without losing their self confidence.


It is a gift to have the ability not to get frustrated at misunderstandings; this course gives you the tools not only to communicate with people & animals, but also have the ability to listen to your fellow friends, family and associates through their subconscious minds.

This tool alone allows you to live in perfect peace as you learn to build harmonious relationships with the animal world and all living beings.  

On this course you will learn:

How to work with your communication skills with people & animals.

How to recognise frustrations and misunderstandings causing behavioural problems in people and animals.

How to have the ability to understand the multitude of languages between the human and animal world. 

How to understand the emotional side of people & animals in relationship to nature and the seasons.

How to relate to side to side body imbalances through behaviour problems.

How to alleviate side to side imbalances through the use of communication.

How to alleviate behavioural problems in people and animals.

The relationship between physical & emotional behaviour in people and animals.

Understanding and developing the concious and the subconcious mind.

Understanding the relationship between the concious and subconcious mind.

Developing your intuition to communicate with people & animals.

Places limited, early booking is essential
Cost £197.00 per person to include refreshments

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