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Livery Case Study - Gwyn Griffiths

Owner – Gwyn Griffiths

Skitz – Thoroughbred (Trotter)

Sex – Male (Gelding)

Age – 8 years old

Work – None at present as I have lost my nerve to ride my horse. When I was riding I was riding 3–4 times a week.

History – I bought Skitz about 12 months ago now, all had been well until recently when I fell off him when getting on, I was dragged a bit and broke a finger which left me unable to work for months. I fell off about 6 months ago now and have been unable to get back on since.

Reason for choosing Roseheart Kingdom – I wanted to take Skitz to Jacqueline because I was aware she could help me and Skitz. I was so conscious that he was picking up on my nerves and I was picking up his insecurity in me.

Skitz was never an easy horse from day one. In the past all he had learnt was to go flat and fast – as soon as the riders buttock hit the saddle. He had been trained to ‘trot’ in the harness but failed due the fact he never ever really paced. He also had a very deep fear of being touch on his right hand side and was terrified of whips and I was not so confident in using them either.

Jacqueline has a very natural, patient and passive approach to helping horses and riders. Her abundance of patience and understanding to training horses and helping riders is amazing and should be experienced by every horse and rider.

Skitz and myself 1 year on at Roseheart Kingdom back
up and riding again with loads ‘n’ loads of confidence.

Myself and Jacqueline thought it would be nice to get the picture/story across by letting you all in on some training communication that occurred during Skitz’s training via email. Oh by the way he was called Skitz because of his unpredictable nature!! Now he is called Spirit!

On arrival Skitz was left to graze and settle for several months, I needed this break too. It did us both the power of good as we had been through so much and Roseheart Kingdom is so restful and peaceful for horses.



Gwyn Griffiths, Buith Wells, Wales.


From: jacqueline cook molony <>
To: Gwyn Griffiths <>
Subject: RE: Skitz

Cheers Gwyn,

What beautiful heartfelt comments, thank you. Yes when it feels right, it is right.

May I use your comments and correspondences emails to encourage others to seek fun and understanding with their horses?

Lots of love n stuff,
Jacqueline Xxx

Subject: Re: Helloooooooooo
To: jacquelinecookmolony

Ah yes o course - feel free!!  xx

From: jacqueline cook molony <>
To: Gwyn Griffiths <>
Subject: Helloooooooooo

Hi Gwyn,

Just a quick line to let you know how your boy got on today after his ground work session with me.

I did a lot of work with the stick, whip and line and he was very good as by the end of the session i was putting some nice energy into it.

A little time spent refining the rein back and disengaging his quarters.

Then more time was spent on encouraging him to circle of which he found very hard, he just kept wanting to stay on a big circle in a very fast trot! Eventually he decided to do one big cow kick at me then he walked, well we got there in the end. I feel he does know how to be lunged ....... away from the handler and at speed. Such a lot of releasing of fear and tension after this exercise.

I did him first then he watched me do my horse Aladdin, i thought that was good, he was curious about it all.

All in all he was brilliant, i gave him a lot of questions and got 90% good answers back, i was very pleased with him.

Must dash now as we are off to Clun to join some friends for supper tonight.

Have a lovely evening with your wonderful man.

Lots of love,
Jacqueline XXx  

Subject: Re: Helloooooooooo
To: Jacqueline cook molony

Well hellooooooo!!
Ah me god - wow, wow, eek n wowwwwwwwwwww!!!! That all sounds BRILLIANT - apart from the kick - you're not injured I take it!?!  Awwww i've almost gotta little tear in me eye thinkin of him tryin to work it all out love him! I wish i could've been there to watch really! Thank you so so much - great to hear that you were pleased wit him though!
Yes. I remember he seemed to have an idea of what to do when me n Lindsay (friend) tried lunging him - left rein was ok, right rein all over the place - I wonder what's happened there in the past - who knows!?!
Well I'm very interested to know what you recommend from now on, so will be grateful of any further advice...!
Thank you again!
Gwyn (& Skitz - he just texted me!?!)

But thanks to uuuuuuuu for helpin us get back to it! As u say, I think we're gonna end up better than ever before!  

Gwyn (& Skitz - he just texted me!?!)
Hi Gwyn,

Gosh no i'm not hurt, i counter acted his kick with a tap on his bottom and this was done before his hind leg was back on the ground, this made him really snort and wondering where that came from. I gave him loads of time to think about that one with which he did loads of releasing by licking and chewing then yawning and he didn’t try that again.

Yes i found this too so i would stay on his left side longer so as he got it good, then i did a little on the other side that way it is starting the process of correction. Do the right side only when he feels ready from getting confidence from the left side.

When i see you on Sat i will show you how to teach him how to circle in walk! and on his good side to start with then when you feel you've got it do the other side. Keep playing with him with all that you know and all I have taught you to date and when you feel you would like me to do more then i will be more than happy to show you, he was lovely to work with, a real softy under all that hard shell. 

Oh he was a real star, and he did so well getting it all, and he wanted to watch Aladdin afterwards, so he was very curious about it all, and not scared, this is a good sign for future training.


 Awwww  Thank you so so much - great to hear that you were pleased wit him though!

From: jacqueline cook molony <>
To: Gwyn Griffiths <>
Subject: RE: Helloooooooooo

Hi Gwyn,

Firstly a huge thank you for letting me play with your wonderful horse 'Skitz', he was amazing to guide through his training and so much fun.

I've taken a little time to come back to each of your comments and thank you once again for entrusting me in assisting him through his onward journey to having fun and trust with all that he does.

Look forward to seeing you on Sat for more horsey fun, have a fabby Friday.

Lots of love,
Jacqueline XXxx

Subject: Re: Helloooooooooo
To: Jacqueline cook molony

Hey J!
There is no-one else I would entrust my boy with that's for sure! It's just so fab for both me and him to hav the opportunity to learn this stuff - it just 'feels right' if you know what i mean!
Thanks for taking the time to reply to each of my comments - ur a star!!
See you all tmoz - the weather says it SHOULD be a nice(ish) day! xx

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