Distant Kinesiology

How does Distant Kinesiology work?

Many people and their pets can benefit greatly from this profound work when being tested from a distance through the use of Distant Kinesiology using hair analysis (DNA testing). The practitioner works through the recipient’s hair since this has all the information he/she needs.
Our hair is made up of DNA, who we are, to include our present condition. The practitioner will work through the use of a surrogate who will place the recipient’s hair in an envelope and then place it on their body usually their stomach to detect any imbalances. This makes it an easier option for those seeking help who live far away and even abroad as this can be done from anywhere around the world for both people and animals.

It is thought that the stomach is used as this is the weakest area of any living being and when the stomach is weakened through injury, disease or upset they are unable to stand or move and this is because we all have a great connection to the rest of our body through our stomach, making it ideal for ‘distant kinesiology’ and other such like therapies.

Once the imbalance has been detected remedies are selected, the applied pressure technique is repeated to the body part to find strength where before there was a weakness. It is through the strengths found after selecting the right remedies/therapies that determines which ones to use and for how long.


(Pictures 1 & 2. Here you can see Jacqueline working with an owner after preparing remedies for their pet’s problem she is showing the same results through the use of ‘Distant Kinesiology’ with the same remedies for this owner. How nice it was for them to be able to feel for themselves how the correct remedies can strengthen a weak muscle/meridian which was causing the problem).

Distant Kinesiology can be used to detect................

The exact treatment that you or your animal will need depends on the feedback their body gives through the muscle testing. This tells the practitioner what the body needs to return to good health and full bodily function.

The treatments recommended would include one or more of the following: Shiatsu, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence, Homeopathic remedies, Herbs, Vitamin and mineral supplements to include some changes in their own life style if needed.

Please note that it is not just one remedy / therapy that will deal with one thing or condition but often it is several remedies working together that help to alleviate the problem.

Please note that those practitioners such as Jacqueline Molony, who have studied/practiced other forms of energy work especially where they are seen to be working with the Meridians and the Chakra systems, will be profound with this work due to their vast years of experience and development through feel/touch.

Many problems such as unexplained exhaustion, poor performance, fears, phobias, communication problems, explosive outbursts, memory loss, trembles, muscles weaknesses, skin disorders, cellular depletion, blood disorders, food allergies, depression, terror and much more are often explained through the use of Distant Kinesiology testing.

How to Book a Kinesiology session with Jacqueline

Due to time constraints Jacqueline can only offer Distant Kinesiology Consultations. To ensure you take advantage of this amazing therapy just fill out the consent form here (pdf document) and send it, together with a piece of hair taken from your head attached with the roots. From an animal some body hair taken by brushing the animal would be sufficient, then wrap it in foil or place it in an envelope and send it to: Roseheart Kingdom, ‘Therapy Centre for People & Animals’, Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0BN.

Once a consultation has been carried out you will receive a full written report with personal recommendations for future reference. This report can be used to give to your Doctor, Vet or any other qualified practitioner for their own reference purposes.

What is DNA?

DNA is a biological molecule that is found in all living cells, in the cells of our bodies and especially hair fibres from your head to include the roots that are constructed from cellular material. With animals collecting their hair after moulting or brushing them gently will remove the same hair for testing purposes.
DNA contains all the information needed about a person or animal. It contains codes for such characteristics as eye colour, hair colour, height, and susceptibility to various diseases, existing viruses and diseases to include any disharmony within the body's systems and even includes hereditary information.