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Frequently asked questions

Some of the most often asked questions about, courses, Roseheart Kingdom and the services offered.

I have just left school and would like to follow a career in healing, what types of healing courses are offered by your school?
 Roseheart Kingdom offers healing courses in Shiatsu, Reiki, People & Animal Communication. You can learn to heal people, horses and dogs or all three, many do!

I am currently employed but would like to take a course to study i-atsu and possibly something in healing for animals. I would like to add another qualification to my CV especially in these uncertain times. Do I have to commit to a lengthy curriculum and a fixed time schedule?
No, your study time at Roseheart Kingdom can be as long or as short as you wish, classes vary from 4 hours to 5 days, there is no fixed time schedule. Each curriculum has been designed for students to take their studies when they can, inbetween their busy lives. Once a student has completed the first level the remaining classes of the curriculum can be taken in any order and when the student is ready. There are many classes organized throughout the year to allow students to plan in advance.

I took some study with Jacqueline some years ago now, I am now ready to do some more, where do I start?
A tutorial with Jacqueline is best as this will give you and her the chance to see what you have or have not remembered and provides the opportunity for you to fill in all those ‘rusty’ bits. Or you can refresh yourself through a Level 1 and remember as an old student repeated classes are half price!

I believe your school is based in Shropshire but as I do not drive, I was wondering what would be the nearest train station to your school?
Yes we are in Shropshire and the nearest train stations to Roseheart Kingdom are ‘Ludlow’ or ‘Craven Arms’. Lifts by prior arrangement can be made at a cost of £10 per person.

I am considering studying shiatsu; tell me why should I choose to follow the i-atsu course in preference of other types of shiatsu?
Quite, as there are so many different wonderful styles of shiatsu out there to assist us all. i-atsu gets to the root cause of problems very quickly and if you are interested in learning the art of alleviating problems very quickly then this is the curriculum for you.

Are there kennels at the centre?
Yes, there are several kennels with planning permission for more.

Does Roseheart Kingdom offer distant learning?
No, Jacqueline is so aware that it is very difficult to teach the practical side from a distance and as she says “too much theory and not enough practical makes poor practitioners; working from their heads instead of their hearts”, so as you can see she has no plans to change this in the near future. She believes this plays a big part in her being able to develop and nurture good practitioners from Roseheart Kingdom.

I have never been to a Therapy Centre before, what should I expect?
Tranquility, peace and quiet! The pace of life is so much slower than most work places Roseheart Kingdom is set in a valley surrounded by miles of hills full of fields, trees and nature in abundance. The Centre has its own horses, dogs and cats together with visiting / rehabilitation animals, so you can be assured of a very furry friendly welcome on arrival!

Does the centre have stabling?
Yes, there are seven stables to include a foaling box all with communication grids.

Can I bring a caravan to Roseheart Kingdom for a break away?
No, the centre is based on the side of a hill and although the upper and lower car park areas and the camping areas are flat the drive way is long and steep and unsuitable for caravans; particularly todays modern ones with very long trailers.  

I would like to come on a course can I bring my partner?
Yes you can, it is encouraged to bring family members, as there are plenty of indoor and outdoor pursuits for them to do in the area whilst you are on a course.  

I will be coming on a horse course can I stay in my lorry whilst I am there?
Yes you can, at the same fee as for a camper van per night, please check accommodation page for a list of up to date fees. There are also electrical points available for your use.

I am bringing a horse on the course with me can I keep my horse in my lorry over night?
No, for safety reasons it is not permitted to keep your horse in a trailer or horsebox lorry over night, stabling is available at Roseheart Kingdom, please check accommodation page for an up to date price list.

Is there a designated area for camping?
Yes there is but you are most welcome to choose a spot, as there are some stunning spots from by the river to the peak of the valley by the woods – you choose!

Does the courses at Roseheart Kingdom cater for blind & deaf people?
Yes it does, Roseheart Kingdom has their own ‘in house’ interterpreter / translater who is familiar with all the courses and classes at Roseheart Kingdom. Roseheart Kingdom can also offer this service to people who have a dual loss (both). Please ring 01547 530871 to discuss an individual persons requirements and needs.

Is there a signal for mobile phones, blackberry devices etc.?
There is a limited amount of signal in this valley but there is an incoming calls only phone for client use only. Out going calls are emergency only.

How many paddocks are there at Roseheart Kingdom?
There are six paddocks of various sizes to suit individual needs from lower land to upper land grazing.

I would like to bring my dogs with me where can I take them for their daily walks?
There are miles and miles of walkways, byways and bridle paths surrounding Roseheart Kingdom. The centre itself has a maze of walkways / paths for the dog owner / walker ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Dog owners are also most welcome to use the paddocks the horses are in, if the dogs are ‘horse friendly’ and if not there is always a paddock ‘resting’ which dog owners can use.

I am in a wheel chair does the centre cater for wheel chair users?
Yes, the center can cater for wheel chair users on courses or visiting to receive a treatment in the teaching / treatment room and with a toilet facility being on the ground floor, but cannot cater for wheel chair users wishing to use the accommodation facilities as these are up a flight of stairs on the second floor. Please advise when visiting to discuss chair dimensions and to ensure a parking area at the front door!

Does Roseheart Kingdom have washing facilities?
No, not for the general public to use but if there is a certain amount of clothing that needs washing it can be washed in the B & B facilities machine. Fees are worked out per load / weight. Roseheart Kingdom can also accept dog / horse items for washing in their washing machine in the rug room, again fees per load / weight.

How big is Roseheart Kingdom?
The centre is set in 28 acres / 11.5 hectares.

Are there any showers for campers at Roseheart Kingdom?
Yes there are washing facilities and showers for all campers, showers are an extra £1 per person with towels and shower gel provided.

Is it possible to study i-atsu and shi-animal-atsu for my own use as I am not interested in becoming a practitioner?
Yes you can, you would be able to do this after only two courses of 3 days each, please see the ‘courses’ page for more details.

Is it difficult to learn how to study Equine or Canine shiatsu, as I am more practical than academic?
The first level of all courses is 90% practical hands on experience before going onto the theory side, by then this will give you the practical experience needed behind the theory thus making the theory information and its integration so much easier for all students regardless of their academic ability.

We would like to bring a camper van to Roseheart Kingdom for a break is there a parking fee?
Yes there is please refer to the ‘Accommodation’ page for current up to date fees.

I am camping can we light a fire?
No Roseheart Kingdom does not permit fire making, guidelines are given on arrival for smoking and

Be safe, well and enjoy all that you do,

Jacqueline & Tim Molony
Co-Directors of Roseheart Kingdom.

“Wow, what a cleverly put together course and structure. It was amazing to be able to learn how to do a full body session in three days, and how much fun we all had. I made new friends forever”. Big thank you’s, P.H (New Jersey USA).

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