Living with the Elements

By nature we have five seasons, but to most of us, we will probably only really recognise four of them; spring, summer, autumn & winter, and for those who were not aware of the fifth season there is of course the Indian summer.

The Indian summer is the season of change, occurring as we pass from one season to another, unmistakably recognisable as we leave summer to enter into autumn.

We all have our favourites and for a rare few there are those of us who love them all equally, if that is you, well done as you are completely in balance with nature.

In shiatsu the traditional meridians are paired up as yin and yang then that pair will make an element, each element will then represent a season.  By studying the elements or seasons a persons health can be monitored before it becomes out of balance – becomes ill. And the same can be done for our pets too.

Nature has created our body to represent all the seasons from each of our individual characters to our own physical makeup that goes with them.  Each of our bodies and all the animals too have each season built within us and this can be recognised by the particular emotional, mental and physical makeup and characters that represent each season.

When our body becomes out of balance with itself, it also becomes out of balance with nature. This can be seen when there is a particular dislike to

a season, for example many people cannot bear the winter with ‘sad syndrome’ as the result, or it can be seen with the opposite where there can be the extreme with an obsession with a season as seen in ‘sun seekers’ who can’t function without the sun!

One is the lack of season within the other is an extreme, over active season within. Both have their disadvantages and the effect it has on a person’s health.

The seasons by nature have been designed to support each other; as one
season ends another will begin but should one season or one’s health be out of balance it will then effect the other seasons within causing an imbalance and a change of health in a person.

Each meridian has an ‘active’ time zone and when pushed out of its time zone as so many of us often do with our hectic lives we push our meridians out of balance as we push our bodies out of balance with nature and the season.

By studying the elements or seasons and how they should effect our life style and what we can realistically achieve with ease throughout the year promotes good health. These are also a good guideline to staying well and healthy with the seasons – no matter where you live in the world!

The most common problems encountered in people & animals can be so often seen today is with the season of winter. When we should be resting and recuperating, taking it easier in our lives we keep up the pace of summer and over work our bodies creating a season imbalance – an illness.

We ask a lot from our bodies, emotionally, physically and mentally and without giving them a chance to rest and recuperate in the winter as nature does at that time of year. This then has a knock on effect on our systems as is so often seen when we feel tired in the summer as our summer fire energy feels depleted from a hectic winter!

Don’t be caught out this year see if you can get your health back by staying in balance with the seasons or elements.

The Elements (seasons) as seen in the above chart

Wood - Spring
Fire – Summer
Metal – Autumn
Water – Winter
Earth – Indian Summer

Wood – Spring A time of new growth, our energy within awakens from a winter of rest and recuperation. This time of year is when our ideas awaken and the planning of projects start to develop within. Spring shoots from nature start to arrive, we become very excited for the year ahead and all that we can achieve.

Fire – Summer The days are long we have a lot more energy to last the whole day through. It is a time of fun, laughter and summer love and passion becomes “on fire” with the season. Our projects created in the spring are well on their way to developing as the summer sun helps them as they grow, ideas come alive. We feel excited and very alive at this time of year.

Metal – Autumn Our projects have been achieved and completed. This is the time of year to reap what we have developed or sown in the spring. It is also a time to reflect on what has been achieved from our plans in the spring. If one had sown a crop in the spring you will be harvesting it now to store for the winter that is just about to arrive.

Water – Winter The season of calmness, life slows right down to find the time to recover from the hectic year just gone by! Nature withdraws to rest and recuperate, all the green growth has left the trees, the flowers are gone, the grass has slowed down in its growth as a sign that it is time to slow down in life.
Earth – Indian Summer The season of ‘nurturing’ oneself, between the changes we can experience in our lives, it is important to look after yourself. Taking some time out and ensuring that you eat well is as important as what all the seasons offer you. Go on ‘treat yourself’ to some good old earth energy through eating well with healthy food and ensure you receive regular holistic treatments of whatever takes your fancy!

 Jacqueline Molony © June 2012

Interested in learning more about the elements and the seasons we live in? Join a 5 Element Theory Part 1 class found on the ‘courses page’. Come and have some fun learning with a friend or two as you learn about the seasons you are made up of.