"I want to thank you from both myself and my cat Ebony.
You made up an oil for him last year just before we were due to move house … it made a huge difference on what could have been a very difficult and stressful day."
Elaine Francis

Aromatherapy for you and your pets

Aromatherapy is seen as one of the simplest and gentlest complementary therapies you can use. The art of aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years and is based on the use of concentrated oils extracted from plants, flowers and fruits. The aromatic oils, also known as essential oils, work on the whole body to restore the natural balance on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

How does it work?

It is thought that aromatherapy works in two ways; directly by the smell, picked up by the sensory cells in the nose which are closely linked to the mood centres and the nervous system and also by the oils being absorbed through the skin in minute qualities.

Each essential oil has its own individual scent and properties. Many oils compliment each other and can be mixed together to create blends to alleviate many problems. Aroma is taken up through the airway to reach the nervous system where many of our emotions that are out of balance can be seen to hide leaving the individual nervous, jumpy and emotionally out of balance affecting the physical and mental well being. When aromatherapy reaches these imbalances either via the airway or absorbed through the skin it allows all tension to just melt away..... naturally!

For centuries aromatherapy has been recognised to be very calming and relaxing and very often only associated with a massage treatment but in reality it goes much deeper than that easing all aches and pains physically, emotional and mentally.

Jacqueline Molony and aromatherapy

For nearly a decade now Jacqueline Molony has been practising the ancient art of aromatherapy with profound results for people and animals and in particular horses, dogs and cats. Her results have been recognised internationally and have gained her many public appearances. Her practice has allowed her to self discover over the years that certain oils will alleviate certain emotional problems and other oils will alleviate certain physical problems. This then helped and prompted her to put these oils together to make a range safe for the general public to use for themselves and their animals.

Her discovery led her on to develop a full range of oils that you can choose to match your problem. She believes that the best person to know about you and your own pets problems is yourself and the owner/ care taker of animals to include how you and your animals are feeling; our pets are so connected to their owners who know them best.

How to select and buy from the range developed by Jacqueline Molony

First take some time to list or recognise all emotional problems, and the same with the physical problems and any mental problems, then select the oil that has been hand made for the problem. To give you an idea here below is a list of some examples that have had blends made up to soothe and heal the problem away.

The oils

These oils come in a 10ml bottle and cost £5.00 + p&p with a shelf life of 3–4 months.

Mental/emotional conditions:
Nervousness / Jumpy / Sensitive / Anxiety / Fear / Panic / Frustration / Temper Tantrums / Moody / Shock / Grief / Separation / Loss / Depression / Sadness / Bereavement / Worry / Digestive problems / Obsessiveness / Territorial /
Antisocial / Jealously / Trauma / Aggressive / Timid / Biting / Stress / Explosive / Tearful / Travel sickness / Headaches / Fatigue / Hormonal problems / Stomach upsets

These oils come in a 60ml jar and cost £12.00 + p&p with a shelf life of 3–4 months.

Physical conditions:
Joint pain or stiffness / Bruising / Arthritis / Muscle pain / Pulled muscle / Ligament & Tendon problems / Open wounds / Old scar tissue / Tumours / Warts / Sarcoids / Acne / Mud fever / Scalp problems / Broken skin / Infected wound / Breathing problems

How to order

Please download the aromatherapy order form here if you would like to place an order for oils.

Once you have selected the oil/oil blend that you require you may wish to purchase the oil to assist you with your problem. On receiving your oil you will be sent the guidelines for usage and application for people, horses, dogs, cats and other pets to include reptiles, please ensure you state on your order form as each one is different to offer and apply.

Please also note that for some of the physical problems your oil may need to be mixed with a cream base in order to give an effective application.

If you cannot find your problem on the example list above please call Jacqueline on 01547 530871 to discuss whether or not Aromatherapy can assist you and the problem you have encountered.

Please click here for your Aromatherapy order form. On receiving your order your oils should be with you between 2–5 working days.

For further help call: 01547 530871 or 07721 739973
You may also email at shiatsu-for-people-horses-dogs@hotmail.com

Warning: These oils are not for burning, they are for healing purposes only. All remedies are natural substances extracted from natural flowers and plants and that these remedies do not replace any medication/medical practices.

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