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Jacqueline C0ok-Molony
Shiatsu Master / Teacher, Reiki Master, B.H.S AI, N.C.M.H, A.N.C.E.B.M

Jacqueline was born and brought up on a farm in the North West of Scotland where her parents ran a busy trekking centre for many years. They had in total about 35 horses and ponies, including four stallions, mares and youngstock. Here Jacqueline spent many hours just watching and observing them, seeing how they got on. Her father was very friendly with the local Riding School owner/local dealer and as a gutsy talented rider it was here and with her families own horses that she gained a lot of experience working with problem horses. She later went on to qualify to work with  horses through the B.H.S and National Certificates.

Her involvement in Shiatsu came about towards the end of 1995 when her mare BeeBob became intermittently lame. Now Beebob was a very talented jumper and excelled in show jumping, hunter trials and one & two day eventing. She was also driven, doing well in driving trials. Her lameness became gradually worse and eventually she found it difficult to go for even a short drive on the flat. Riding her was almost unbearable, and jumping became a series of refusals.

The vet had been out several times and carried out various tests but found nothing to explain BeeBob’s problem. Jacqueline decided on a second opinion, and took BeeBob on a 1½ hour journey for a scan. This showed up inflammation in her lumbar area leading down to the lower body.


jacequeline molony

The vet could only prescribe anti-inflammatory injections for the pain she was suffering and these only worked for a short time, Jacqueline could not believe that was “it” for her dearest equine friend, who was so young.

Jacqueline had been loaned a copy of a book by Pamela Hannay, ‘Touching Horses’ now re-written and called ‘Shiatsu Therapy for Horses’. The book was about applying Shiatsu to horses, as Jacqueline had never heard about Shiatsu before but was willing to give it a go. So she read about some of the techniques in the book and had a go and within a few weeks the results were amazing. Jacqueline was desperate to invite this lady to come and work more on BeeBob and from here the story really begins.

Jacqueline brought the pioneering work of Pamela Hannay from the USA to the UK in 1996. Today you will find that the UK is the only country in the whole world that has seen such a growth of Shiatsu therapy for animals. Pamela Hannay and Jacqueline Cook came together to form a five year partnership to establish a new era in animal healing.

Very sadly Pamela Hannay died in 2001 leaving Jacqueline Molony (nee Cook) as her only Qualified Teacher of the Pamela Hannay method of Shiatsu Therapy for Horses. Their teachings have been based upon the advanced intuitive principles taught at the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York, where they both had trained in human Ohashiatsu.

jacequeline molony
Pamela Hannay teaching Jacqueline in 1997

Today Beebob is still alive and enjoying full retirement at the grand old age of 31. She thoroughly enjoys meeting the new students and teaching them how she should be touched.

Jacqueline went on to develop shiatsu therapy for dogs in 1998. Jacqueline pioneered and actually put together the course structure for dogs to include the Anatomy & Physiology modules. She recognised that the dog world has to date been lacking detailed information regarding dog Anatomy & Physiology. 

Both the Horse and Dog shiatsu courses were developed by Jacqueline to meet both veterinary standards and the European regulations.

Her recognised results have gained her many public appearances to include appearing on  BBC's ‘Heaven & Earth’ with Jennie Bond the star of ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here’ and BBC’s former Royal Correspondent, also on ITV Good Morning working with Vet ‘Scott Miller’ and on BBC 2 ‘Pets are People’ to name a few.

Jacqueline Cook-Molony: Qualifications

Equine Shiatsu Therapy Teacher & Practitioner - trained by Pamela Hannay  pioneerer of shiatsu for horses from the USA.

Pioneer of Shiatsu Therapy for Dogs - Teacher and practitioner.

Ohashiatsu Graduate - Credit. Trained by Wataru Ohashi.

Aromatherapy For Horses and Small Animals - including muscle testing via Kinesiology for Horses and Small Animals trained by Caroline Ingraham.

Reiki Master - trained by Kim Thomas, Academy of Energetics

Equine Iridology - trained by Ellen Collinson

Trained at the Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture & Horticulture, gaining : B.H.S AI (British Horse Society Approved Instructor), N.C.M.H (National Certificate in the Management of Horses - Credit),  A.N.C.E.B.M (Advanced National Certificate in Equine Business Management - Credit), BDS 1 & 2 (British Driving Society).

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