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Jacqueline Molony (formerly Jacqueline Cook) is a Shiatsu Master and Teacher with over 15 years' experience of alleviating pain and problems quickly.

After numerous years practising Ohashiatsu from which she qualified and graduated, Jacqueline went on to develop i-atsu(TM) for people as a natural progression from her original studies.

Jacqueline introduced and launched Equine Shiatsu to the UK from the USA in 1996 and then went on to pioneer Shiatsu for Dogs in 1998 now known as shi-animal-atsu(TM) for horses and dogs.

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In 2003, she opened Roseheart Kingdom a ‘Therapy Centre for People & Animals’ in Shropshire, which is the only centre in the world where you can receive treatments and learn the ancient Japanese art of Shiatsu for People, Horses and Dogs.It became the permanent base for the existing complementary therapy practice that was established in 1996.

"It was a great comfort to know that Roseheart Kingdom is one of the longest established
schools in the country and was the very first
to offer courses in shiatsu for horses & dogs - and continues to go from strength to strength today."
Verity Jones, Plymouth, UK

Roseheart Kingdom provides DIY,Part & Full Livery services, a Retirement Home for Ponies and Horses and a Rehabilitation Centre for Horses & Dogs. 

Jacqueline also offers Reiki, Distant Healing, Aromatherapy, People & Animal Communication and Kinesiology for People and Animals.

"80% of our customers notice a massive improvement after just one treatment, with 85% noticing that the problem had
disappeared completely after two treatments
and the remaining 15%  have noticed that
their life threatening conditions were easier
to manage with less pain"

You can find out about these different therapies and services on this website.

All of the above and more can be found at Roseheart Kingdom, ‘Therapy Centre for People and Animals’, Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0BN, UK. Tel: (0044) 01547 530871 or 07721 739973. Email:

Activities with Horses & Dogs can be dangerous. Do not attempt any therapy techniques without proper education or supervision. Jacqueline Cook Molony and the establishment of Roseheart Kingdom is not liable for unqualified practitioners applying healing techniques or the improper use of any therapy techniques which may result in injuries sustained by a horse, dog or human in the practice of them.

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